Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week Eleven / Day Four

Sorry about having no update yesterday. I didn't get much tangible work done, however I got the final four level designs started, and completed them today. Here is a shot of all of them:

Here is the beginning of the implementation of the first on these four, seen on the upper left in the photo above:

It's slow going, because it isn't just a matter of putting the planets where I want them and being done. I build the levels piece by piece, and play it as I go. A lot of fine tuning goes into the positions and the masses of planets to give the right feel and motion for play. It's tough, but this level is about 3/4 complete, and there are only three left to go.

However, I'm taking my GRE on Monday, and I have to devote as much time as I can to that over the next three days, so Chromovis is going on a slight hiatus. I keep making small tweaks, such as an introduction screen I implemented today, so I'm putting a definite complete date as next Friday. Then begins the app approval process. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week Eleven / Day Two

I finished the level with the spinners from yesterday:

There is some very big news coming. Like, 'I-might-be-finished-tomorrow-October-6th' big news. Then, it is directly onto the next project. Things are flying all the sudden, and I gotta keep up.

See ya soon.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Week Eleven / Day One

These week numbers are getting rather large. Too large.

Got another level done today, as well as the design for the next completed and the actual level started. Here they are, respectively:

This is the first level to use a moving planet.

Also, I told Lennon what I was looking for in terms of music for the game, and asked if he could throw something together. As I expected, he was pretty into the idea and gave me a sample (?) of the work last night. Quite honestly, I'd say it's almost perfect. He got the vibe I was going for, and it has a feel that fits Chromovis quite well.

There will be a few bigger updates in the next couple days. Just stick around.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Week Ten / Day Four

I got two levels done today:

The first:

The second:

Still working on a name, still need to do music.

Announcements are coming, as well as a new home...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week Ten / Day Three

Got two more levels done today despite feeling like hell.

Here is the first:

The two white planets that don't look like they line up with the three below the blue are orbiting, and the player must dodge them while moving towards the goal.

The second:

Here the player starts in the middle of six orbiting planets (three pairs of two, where each two are on the same orbit traveling in opposite directions). They must time their moves through the planets, stopping on the brakes. While it may be possible to take a shortcut, it's risky.

This brings me up to fifteen completed levels so far, with nine of those being levels that basically just teach the player something, five reinforcing those techniques, and one regular level. I have a few more teaching levels to create reinforcement levels for, and then it is on to making more regular levels. More tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week Ten / Day Two

Off day. Just got some level corrections done and tweaked some things. I fixed the tip text:

I also changed the gameplay border so that it matches the color of your ship, and created a new texture for the gameplay buttons that highlights the current opposite color:

Subtle changes, but every clue helps the player.

I also found a sound to play during the intro, when the studio name (I'm working on this) comes up. It's pretty cool, and everyone will get to see it when I put a video together soon showcasing development, that is once I've gotten music in. I'm still playing around with ideas (simple ones), and hopefully will have something decided upon soon.

The level building is extremely tedious, and without a true level editor basically lacks gratification. I can't wait to start coding again.